MJ Patel Share & Stock Brokers Ltd (MJP)


M. J. Patel Share & Stock Brokers Ltd (MJP) Is a financial services business house headquartered in Mumbai, India.

M. J. Patel Share & Stock Brokers Ltd (MJP) is a prominent capital market intermediary registered with Securities & Exchange Board of India. (SEBI) MJPSS is promoted by professionals having over three decades of experience in capital market and financial markets.

MJP was incorporated on 20th February 1995 as Public Limited Company with the mandate of carrying out stock broking in india capital markets. As one of the leading private sector brokers, we offer our clients the entire range of products on the stock markets: trading facilities on the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Future Options Markets and Commodity Markets.

We service the entire spectrum of investors including Foreign and Domestic Institutions, Banks, Mutual Funds, High Networth Individuals, Corporates and Non Residents (NRI).

At MJP SS, we belive that equities as an asset class can prove to be extremely rewarding if handled diligently. The ability to invest in the right stocks at the right time stems from knowledge! Knowledge of local and international economic ternds, political developments and industry behavior. The research thrust is on identifying emerging ' Dark horses': Undervalued companies in the right business with a sound management, standing at an inflection point og growth. While our clinical approach to assessment of the associated risks of investing in equities prevents capital erosion, our methodical evaluation of the management and an in-depth study and operations of the company ensure sustained growth of a portfolio.

MJP SS, is run on the principles of quality services and commitment to our stated delivery capabilities. It is judicious in its client acquisition process and has an established track record of high availability service models even under hectic market conditions.


Over the years, MJP SS has developed a full-fledged Primary Market Group to market and distribute various capital market products such as shares, debentures, bonds etc.

MJP SS has been a prominent member at BSE. MJP SS has been catering to various individuals, market intermediaries, Corporates, High Networth Individuals, Mutual Funds, Institutions, Insurance companies, Banks etc. Its focus has been to provide client satisfaction for their requirement of all financial products through its relationship managers. MJP SS ensures complete coverage of its clients's interests, right from pre-trade analysis to post-trade confirmation and delivery.

The Company renders investment advisory services in various types of capital and debt market instruments with the overall objective of arriving at a judicious mix of risk versus return, while at the same time, maximizing yield and / or capital appreciation, to meet the specific client profile requirements. Corporate clients having substantial resources are currently being advised and also aided by MJP SS's professional execution.We also provide specialized advisory services to foreign institutions for their investment activities in India.

Research is perceived as the basic business infrastructure that supports stock broking as well as other activities of the Company. The equity research division of the Company undertakes specific research and also monitors the economic developments, various industry segments and companies therein. Several on-line databanks, both in-house and from outside agencies, are maintained in order to provide support to the research team.

Our Team


Mr.Mehul Patel is a Bachelor of Economics from California State University, USA. His experience working for the Federal Reserve Bank, 12th District in the Unites States has given him in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of financial markets around the world. He spearheads the Institutional Broking activity as well as research thrust of the company.


Mr Mihir Dhruv is a commerce gradate from University of Mumbai. As a whole time director of M J Patel Share & Stock Brokers Ltd., he in charge of maintaining client relationships.

RAMESH GAUR, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ramesh Gaur holds a Bachelor's degree from University of Rajasthan. He brings to MJP SS awealth of knowledge gleaned from a career spanning 25 years in Banking and Capital Markets. Since 1991, he has been responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the stock broking operations of organization including assessing and understanding risk as the Chief Operating Officer. He also participates in strategizing and framing policies that guide the broking operations.

The executive team is well supported by a team of over 14 experienced professionals deployed across the vital functions of a broking company such as:

HNI & Institutional Dealing - Research - Back Office - Risk management - Client Servicing - Banking - Compliance

MJP SS consciously follows the practice of maintaining a Chinese Wall between dealing and operations. Client confidentially is strictly maintained at all times.



Regd Office:

PG-4, Rotunda Bldg,Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai -400001. India,

Tel: +91-22-66336808

Fax: +91-22-22646410


Corporate Office:

Cama Bldg, 3rd Floor,24/26, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai -400001. India,

Tel: +91-22-67378000

Fax: +91-22-66396343



Compliance Officer

BSE : Mehul Patel    Email:mehul@mjpdirect.com
NSE : Ramesh Gaur    Email:rcgaur@mjpdirect.com

In case of grievances for Securities Broking write to contact@mjpdirect.com

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